15 Things to know before traveling to Greece

The Mediterranean region is known to be one of the best places on the planet for a beautiful, relaxing, luxurious and exciting vacation. Greece is an ancient civilisation that gave the world democracy and influenced global culture. It is a lovely and culturally significant country in the Mediterranean region. In the 21st century, it has become a major tourist destination with its beautiful beaches, breathtaking architecture, blue seas, fabulous islands and a great tourism culture.

Tourism is a major industry in Greece and all sorts of travellers from backpackers in Athens to elite travellers visiting Mykonos, Greece has a lot to offer for most of the tourists.  The following are some of the facts about this country that travellers should know before planning a trip to Greece.

15 Things to Know Before Going to Greece

  1. Money: Greece is a part of the European Union, so the primary currency in Greece is the Euro. This makes it easy for travellers who travel to different locations in Europe on one trip to use the same currency.
  2. Payment: Payments in Greece are mostly in cash, and ATMs are widely available in Greece. Personal checks are not always accepted in Greece.
  3. Advance Planning: While planning a trip to Greece, plan early and book hotels and tickets early as Greece is a major tourist destination and very popular with tourists all over the world.
  4. How to Plan: Choose a hotel with good ratings online, and also plan a trip to see just a few islands or only the cities on one trip. Greece is a vast country with many cities and islands. A hurried trip that takes tourists from one island to another is no fun. Choose the best islands and have a relaxing Greek Holiday. One of the best places for Island hopping in Greece is Hostelbay.
  5. Architecture: Greece is not just about islands, beaches, and yachts. Its cities have fabulous ancient history and architecture. Cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, and Delphi have old Greek architecture and museums showcasing Greece’s historic past.
  6. Stray Animals: Greece is a country that is not as progressive as some other European countries. It has stray dogs and cats on the streets which are rare in some other European countries.
  7. Smoking: Many Greeks smoke. Greek society has a culture of smoking, so tourists need to be aware that there will be people smoking around them in Greece.
  8. Safety: Greece is a relatively safe country for tourists. Women tourists can travel quickly to this country and drugs are strictly prohibited in Greece. In crowded areas there is an issue with pickpockets, so travellers need to be careful with their belongings. Keeping the belongings safe in the hotel Safe is a good choice.
  9. Greek Weather: The weather in Greece is warmer than that of other countries in Europe. Greece has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and cold and wet winters. Greece has mild weathers, but summers can get hot at times, so tourists need to keep themselves hydrated.
  10. Food: Tourists need to pack lose clothing items with them on their trip to Greece because Greek food is so good that tourists tend to add a few pounds on a Greek holiday. There are beautiful coffee shops, taverns, and restaurants that specialise in Greek food.

There are international fast food chains in major cities. Greek food items like Gyros, Greek salads, Moussaka and Tzatziki are famous all over the world. Greek food is mainly non-vegetarian, but vegetarians have a few options of Greek food as fruits and vegetables are a part of the cuisine. Greek cheese and bread are famous throughout the world.

11. Drinks: Greece is known for good coffee. Having coffee in a Greek cafeteria is a great idea for tourists. Cold frappes in a Greek summer keep the tourists hydrated. Taverns in Greece have traditional alcoholic beverages with liquors like Ouzo and Raki. Inns have live music and a great party atmosphere.

12. Public Transport: Subways, buses, and taxis are readily available in cities like Athens. Athens has trams and islands are accessible by ferries. Buses are readily available on islands as well.

13. Driving: Greeks drivers are known to be a little rash, and there can be major traffic jams in cities.

14. Packing and Luggage: Pack lightly and carry essential vacation items like cameras, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, clothes according to the season’s weather, travel guides and also electronic equipment like a plug adaptor.

15. Communication: Greeks are friendly people in general who are used to tourists. They help with directions if asked politely and will help tourists in most places.


Greece is on the lists of tourist destinations to visit for most world tourists. Cities like Athens and Delphi showcase the ancient culture in a modern way, and places like Mykonos, Santorini and other beautiful islands of the country are some of the best island vacation destinations in the world.