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5 Unique Tactics to Rack up Miles through Airline Partners

Have a decent stash of air miles and need just a couple of thousand more to clinch the coveted award flight? No problem! There are tons of strategies to boost your mileage account. Read on for five unique ways to gain reward points from airline partners.  

While it’s no big secret that airlines miles can be earned by jetting off to exotic locales, not many know that you can also build an impressive stash on the ground. Yes, it’s true! The trick is to sign up for a frequent flyer program with your favourite carrier. From thereon, adding miles to your account is a piece of cake. Thanks to alliances amongst top airline carriers and their valuable links with travel vendors, reputable retail brands etc. you can accumulate miles quickly without boarding a flight. Let’s delve into five easy ways to bolster your airline mileage pile.

  1. Using Co-branded Credit Cards: This is perhaps the easiest way of amassing miles. Apart from boasting an excellent reward netting potential, co-branded credit cards come with sign-up bonus points. Just whip out an airline-registered credit card for the purchase of utilities, groceries, booking train tickets or dining out to earn air miles. Depending on the reward program the collected miles can be traded for priority boarding, complimentary flights, business class upgrades, lounge access, exclusive discounts, free hotels, and other travel perks.

  2. Dining Programs: Do you often eat out with friends, family and business colleagues? Register with an airline dining program to accrue air miles.  Many airline carriers have an alliance with hotels chains, restaurants, clubs, cafes, pubs and more. Each time you dine or drink at a participating eatery, you automatically pick up loyalty points on your spending which can be redeemed.

  3. Airline Retail Partners: Shopping is another way to garner reward points. Sounds awesome right? Leading carriers join hands with hundreds of retailers including big online players for their frequent flyer programs. You can buy everything from groceries, apparel, furnishing, electronics and beauty products to high-end jewellery from the retail partners.  And yes, the purchases can earn you a number of miles.

  4. Convert Credit Card Reward Points: If you already have a credit card which is not a co-brand card, you can still use it to earn air miles. Surprised? You earn ‘points’ for each purchase made with plastic money. The points earned can be exchanged for air miles provided the card company is a conversion partner with your preferred frequent flyer program.  Just convert the accumulated credit card reward points into miles in the applicable ratio to reap huge benefits on your next trip.

  5. Rent a Car: Believe it or not, but you can also squeeze miles out of renting a car. Though often ignored, this is an easy way to pick up extra air miles. The process is simple and straightforward. Many airlines have partnerships with specific car rental and cab companies.  Just hire a car from the affiliated service for business or pleasure and gather up your miles.

Now that you have learned some unique ways to maximise airline miles, start using the above-listed options to rack up your mileage balance to enjoy an array of travel perks.