Austin Texas Tours You Need To Take This Weekend

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The state of Texas is known for a lot of things, but in recent years, it has become best known for what its capital city, Austin, offers, namely Austin Texas tours covering a wide range of interests. Considering Austin, TX has been referred to as the “Music Capital of the World”, many people from all over the globe have headed to central Texas to see what the big deal is. In doing so, they’ve discovered that there is so much more to check out.

Austin is home to the University of Texas, the Lyndon B. Johnson Library & Museum (the LBJ Library for brevity), and the Congress Avenue Bridge (if you like bats). Between college kids, ties to American presidents, and the world’s largest urban bat colony, Austin has plenty to see and experience. As such, the idea of taking a tour makes a lot of sense.

Sure, you could try to navigate your way through the city on your own using apps, maps, and paying for transportation between sites, but you’d be burning through some serious daylight & forking over a bit more money than you’d like. Organized tours offer just about everything you need, including transportation, for one fee, and you are sure to get an experienced guide to help navigate.

With all of the tours Austin has to offer & only one weekend to take advantage of, here are three tours that should be on your radar:

Austin Brewery Tours – The small-batch, artisanal food revolution is in full-swing in Austin, ditto on the presence of craft beers. Austin Brewery Tours takes guests on a ride (yes, they are your designated driver) to various breweries in the city making some of the finest beer you’ll find in the state and even the U.S.

Haunted ATX – This unique tour takes on the paranormal in a very cool, ‘Austin’ kind of way. Billed as the city’s only mobile haunted tour, Haunted ATX allows tour groups to sit in a beautiful, black hearse converted to a “spooky limousine”. While riding in style, the tours take guests to various Austin, TX places thought to be haunted or to have experienced paranormal activity.

Food Tasting Network Austin Food Tours – If there is one thing that happens when people of all walks of life live in one place is that a collection of world cuisines collides in the most awesome way possible. No matter the cuisine you may be after (e.g., Asian, BBQ, Mexican, fusion), or the type of venue you’re used to (e.g., food truck, retrofitted home, hole-in-the-wall), you are sure to find your taste buds trying to catch up.

The great thing about Austin Texas tours is that while Austin proper has plenty to offer for those with a bit of a time crunch, if you happen to have a little more time to explore, you can certainly find a large amount of tantalizing places to visit in the area surrounding Austin.