Do’s and Dont’s Of Road Tripping San Francisco

Anyone taking a motorhome rental trip on the west coast will already be considering San Francisco since this is one of the most well known cities in the state. It is pretty obvious why with its amazing mix of cultures, abundance of things to do and places to see, and its laid back, eclectic vibe. Fortunately for those who are planning trips to this city, there have been many thousands who have gone before you, meaning there are dozens of tips to follow and long lists of both do’s and don’ts. So check out the most important ones below and take them into consideration for your journey.


Get Your Eat On

San Francisco is well known as a culinary capitol, so definitely check out the options before you set off so you can have an eating schedule firmly in place. There are a wide variety of different types of establishments in the city, from food trucks and street foods to high end dining establishments. You can get any type of fare you may be looking for, so get out a map and note down the places you would like to visit when you’re in town. You should also keep it spontaneous, and if you hear word of mouth when visiting that a certain eats spot is heating up, then by all means go for it.

Check Out The Haight

One of the most famous neighborhoods in the city, The Haight is known for its colorful Victorian houses, it’s rich history as a key spot for the rise of the hippie culture of the 60s, and its current mix of funky boutiques, eateries, and crafts shops. This continues to be an eclectic, colorful neighborhood that still reflects the vibrant scene which made it famous 50 years ago. The things to do are to take a walk through the aesthetically pleasing streets, stop in any store or shop that catches your fancy, and check out one of the many amazing eateries lining the streets. The people watching here is known to be fabulous as well, so take some time to sit down and get it all in.

Go For Golden Gate

Even if you’ve never been to San Francisco, you will be sure to have heard of Golden gate Park. This absolutely massive city park has one of the most vibrant scenes of any park in the nation, and it’s an absolute must for anyone passing through San Francisco on a motorhome rental journey. There are a great many festivals, farmers markets, and other activities that take place during the day, not to mention the music and other events that take place at night. Even just to sit in the park and observe the scene is well worth the time, since you will get a taste of this pleasing park with its great scene and hundreds of fellow visitors. There are also many trails both for biking and walking, so take advantage since this is a great way to take in the park.

See A Game

No matter if you’re here in baseball or football season, it is highly recommended that you check out a 49ers or Giants game. The stadiums are amazing and offer skyline views, and the games are always a ton of fun. It’s a great way to get a taste for San Francisco culture and to have some fun as well.


Go Broke

One thing to keep in mind is that San Francisco is known as an expensive city, and this certainly has some truth to it. A lot of travelers tend to fall into the trap of spending too much money when they visit. Fortunately, the city is known for having great foods for not a lot of money as long as you do your research, and the same goes with nearly all the known pleasures of the city. So make sure you do your research and know about the places that won’t make you overspend your budget.

Put Yourself In Danger

Just like with any large metropolis, there is an element of danger to certain parts of San Francisco. As long as you  make sure to know which places are unsafe, you can avoid them on your stay and won’t have to worry about your safety. On the whole San Francisco is a highly gentrified and safe city, and you can visit without a worry as long as you stick with the areas you know to be safe.

San Francisco is known to be a vibrant and exciting city full of great culture, great foods, and an overall sense of eccentricity that many thousands of travelers have fallen in love with over the years. You can as well as long as you put it on your schedule for your motorhome hire road trip on the west coast.