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Top 5 Traditional foods to enjoy on your Rajasthan tour

Mouth-watering delicacies and Rajasthan cannot be two separate entities. Think of Rajasthan and the colorful picture of appealing food is a must. To enjoy delicious delicacies of Rajasthan, book a Rajasthan Tour Package. The most famous traditional Rajasthani food that you cannot afford to miss while on a holiday to Rajasthan is:

  • Daal –Baati Churma-The name Rajasthan goes hand in hand with Daal-Baati churma.Any feast of Rajasthan is incomplete with this ghee filled round baked balls of wheat flour and the most steaming mixture of daals. Churma is the desert which is served after Daal Baati which will definitely leave you lost in the world of sweetness. 
  • Laal-Maas-If you are a non-veg buff, Laal-Maas is a must try with its smoky aroma of the burnt chilly, this spicy meat dish will definitely give you the desert feel. Combined with bajra rotis or plain rice , this dish creates wonders. 
  • Ghevar-Any Rajasthani celebration is incomplete with this relishing sweet dish called ghevar.Made out of Ghee, sugar syrup, dry fruits and chena (panner) this round or oval shaped sweets are bound to give you a sweet tooth. Malai ghevar,Mava ghevar, and plain ghevar are the variants in which it is available. 
  • Gatte ki Sabji-Gram flour steamed and given the form of cylindrically shaped dumplings are then fried with a burst of spices in the smooth river of curd or yogurt which gives the gravy that thick and juicy texture. Shahi Gatte and Masala Gatte are the two variants available.

Ker –Sangri: Ker is a small berry while Sangri a kind of bean, a one of its own kind of a vegetable that is used in the form of a pickle or a side dish, this tangy preparation is a must for every Rajasthani platter. Be it a marriage ceremony or any kind of happy and joyous occasion Ker Sangri is definitely going to mark its presence in the platter. Travelers can enjoy all foods in Jaisalmer desert camps also.