Venice: It’s All About Taking A Romantic Gondola Ride

Well-known as the world’s most romantic city, Venice has never failed to impress its visitors with its mesmerizing beauty, enchanting landscapes and evergreen architecture. After all, which traveler isn’t tempted to take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal of Venice.

When it is about visiting Venice, a gondola ride is a must. Well, of course it is expensive, but then it is one of the most important attractions of Venice. Now, if you are planning to take a trip to Venice, here is everything you need to know about gondola rides…

Is it for you?

A gondola ride will give you an opportunity to see Venice from an extremely different perspective. They are undeniably overpriced, but then there is no other place to experience a traditional gondola ride except for Venice. So, if you don’t want to regret about missing a gondola ride even after being to Venice, it is recommended that you surely take this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visit for more boat tours and fare inquiries.

Where to go for a gondola ride?

There are two main routes of a gondola ride – the back-canal route and the crowded Grand Canal. When you ride on the canals outside the main tourist area, it lets you experience a different view of Venice. Some of the good locations to find gondolas away from tourist areas are San Polo, Campo San Barnaba, and Jewish Ghetto.

Things to expect from a Gondola Ride:

Gondola can be compared to the most luxurious car possible. Generally, they come in black color, but you can find some which are well-decorated and fancy. Also, there are such gondolas which have comfortable seats and blankets to make you feel extremely relaxed.

The Gondoliers usually speak English and some may know French and German too. They are required to wear specific attire – black pants, stripped shirt and dark colored close shoes. If you are taking a ride in an extremely crowded area, there are chances that a gondolier will try to cut short the ride instead of taking you on a complete 40 minutes ride. This is one more reason why one must pick a gondola route away from tourist areas. Also, if you want to visit a particular place, discuss it in advance with the gondolier, as they might charge you some extra amount for it.

Some of the gondolier may give you sightseeing narration and even sing a song to please you, but it is not a requirement, so best don’t accept it.

If you are visiting during summers, it is ideal to carry an umbrella as gondolas don’t have a provision to save you from sun and heat. Nevertheless, if you are travelling during morning hours, soft rays of sun during early mornings will not create much of an issue.

Gondola fares:

The fares for a gondola ride are set officially. For now, the fares are around €80 for a day time ride and €100 for a night time ride. If you want your ride to be more than the usual 40 minutes one, you might have to pay an extra €40 to €50 for every 20 minutes.

Lastly, a gondola can accommodate 6 people and there is nothing extra to pay for it. So, if you are travelling alone, you can always ask other tourists to join in. This might not give you the privacy you want, but can certainly save some money.