Water Sports in Mumbai that must be in your bucket list

Mumbai is one of India’s finest tourist destination with its beautiful beaches, flourishing nightlife, exquisite and diverse cuisine, vibrant culture, luxurious hangouts and all the adventure and exhilaration it has to offer. Mumbai has something unique and special to offer to every kind of tourist.

Mumbai is a true haven for people who like water sports. The sprawling beaches of Mumbai have a host of water sports activities which includes adventure sports like Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Kayaking, and luxury activities like Speedboat, Yacht Services, Bay Cruise etc. The best part is that there are activities for hardcore water sports enthusiasts as well as for timid beginners.

Let us dive into the best water sports activities in Mumbai has to offer.


Kayaking is a fun way to explore the scenic beauty of beaches. Kayak is a narrow, lightweight boat that is propelled using a paddle. This is a great opportunity if you like exploring sea life and birds. An amazing experience of kayaking awaits you at Girgaum Chowpatty where you can sail along the Mumbai coastline and enjoy the beautiful views of the city. Water sports activities at Tsunami island near Mumbai includes kayaking. Listen to the instructions of your guide and remember to keep on your life vest at all times. Paddle away!

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is a hi-octane water sport known for its thrills. It has an element of adrenaline attached to it that makes it attractive to water sports enthusiasts all over the world. It seems even more brilliant when we watch the heroes and heroines of numerous films moving at neck breaking speeds, cascading in water, striking graceful poses on jet skis. Why should we let them have all the fun? If you are in Mumbai, you can try out jet skiing at Girgaum Chowpatty. Jet skiing is also available at and Tarkali beach and Tsunami island.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is an incredibly cool water sport. It is a technically easy sport which can be tried by anyone including children. It is not as fast as jet skiing but it is safer and easier to learn. Essentially, you will be pulled behind a boat using a rope, over the water, on skis. Many adventure water sports centers in Mumbai provides water skiing, notable among them is H2O Water Sports. Mandwa beach which is quite near to Mumbai boasts of various water sports including water skiing.

Yacht Services

Yachts are considered the epitome of grandeur. Who hasn’t imagined sailing on a luxurious yacht looking out into a starry night while sipping expensive champagne? Let’s make it true this time when you are in Mumbai. A ride around the bay of Mumbai on a yacht and enjoying the stunning views of the city is a must-do for a tourist in Mumbai. You can book a sunset cruise or a romantic dinner on a yacht through Yacht Tours Mumbai. They have different packages from weekend getaways to yacht parties. Choose your pick according to your pocket.


Parasailing is an all-time favorite among water sports aficionados. You can soar high like a bird, taking in the salty scent of Arabian Ocean. This exhilarating activity brings you the best of the sea and sky. The breathtaking view of the city beneath is a visual treat indeed. Mandwa jetty near Mumbai is popular for parasailing. Top names in parasailing are H2O Water Sports Adventure Centre and Drishti Adventure Sports Pvt Ltd.


Sailing is a joyous experience. If you find yourself on the shores of Mumbai, don’t leave without going on a sail. There are various websites through which you can rent vessels according to your budget. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about sailing and about the ocean. Discovery Sailing India, Boat Booking India, Aquasail 360’ Sailing are some of the best names in boat tours of Mumbai.

Scuba diving and Snorkeling

The true lovers of the oceans are inevitably drawn to coral reefs. For those who love to unravel the mysteries of ocean beds, the waters of Malvan and Khopoli awaits. If you are not sure about Scuba diving, you can check out the scuba diving training center DIVEIndia.